Welcome to The Edifying Word! I’m Kristin, and if you couldn’t tell, I love books. I created this blog because I believe the written word has so much to teach us, and I intend it to be a venue through which to share what I love about and what I learn from reading.

You’ll (probably? hopefully?) notice through my writing that my family and my Catholic faith are the most important parts of my life. After a year serving my Parish as Secretary, I have the great privilege of being a stay-at-home mom of four: three wonderful little girls and a baby boy; and the blessing of being the wife of the most wonderful, supportive husband a girl could ask for.

I’ve found that offering book review services has greatly expanded what I read, because I am approached by authors of all sorts of genres and I love having the opportunity to read and review things I wouldn’t have found or picked up on my own. I edit because I enjoy making the written word as perfect as it can be; my intent is to help writers more effectively convey through their writing whatever message they’re trying to put out there.

My goal is for my content here on my blog to bring positivity and goodness to my readers. Thank you for joining me!

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  1. trinitygrau August 17, 2018 / 1:08 am

    Thank you for reading my blog! It’s great to find another family-loving authoress on here.

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