Published Works

Copy Edit, Historical Romance, August 2020. Purchase it here.

Right Back Where We Started: A Small Town Romance (Timber Falls Book 3) by [Fiona West]

Copy Edit, Romance, July 2020. Purchase it here.

Displaying Grace, blog- Line and copy edits on select posts beginning April 2019.

Literary Devices, literary analysis website – Copy edits on select posts beginning March 2019.

Black Dot, Red Water (The Arun Shah Mysteries Book 2) by [Shivakoti, M.K.]


Copy Edit, Psychological Thriller, December 2019. Purchase it here.



Alexander Bottom & The Dreamweaver's Daughter by [Richie, Lee]


Beta Read, YA Epic Fantasy Adventure, November 2017. Buy it here.



Zagreb, Milan, Nice, Barcelona: The summer of heartache and fickleness (Chick Lit Adventure) by [Berger, Maya]


Beta Read, Chick-lit Adventure, January 2018. Buy it here.



Please Disappear: An unputdownable thriller with a dark twist. (The Arun Shah Mysteries Book 1) by [Shivakoti, M.K.]


Beta Read, Psychological Thriller, May 2018. Buy it here.





Beta Read, Memoir, June 2018. Buy it here.






Beta Read/Evaluation, Dieselpunk Pulp Magazine Novel, December 2019. Buy a sample here.




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Copy Editing and Quality Control, Magazine, 10 issues: July 2018-July 2019. Visit the website here:


Proofread (UK English), December 2017. Limited availability here.



Life According to Beatrice by [Marie, Anna]


Copy edit, 2017. Available here.