Published Works

More Than We Bargained For: A Small Town Romantic Comedy (Timber Falls Book 4) by [Fiona West]

Copy edit, Romance, Completed October 2020. Purchase it here.

Copy Edit, Fantasy, Completed August 2020. Purchase it here.

Copy Edit, Historical Romance, August 2020. Purchase it here.

Right Back Where We Started: A Small Town Romance (Timber Falls Book 3) by [Fiona West]

Copy Edit, Romance, July 2020. Purchase it here.

Displaying Grace, blog- Line and copy edits on select posts beginning April 2019.

Literary Devices, literary analysis website – Copy edits on select posts beginning March 2019.

Black Dot, Red Water (The Arun Shah Mysteries Book 2) by [Shivakoti, M.K.]

Copy Edit, Psychological Thriller, December 2019. Purchase it here.

Alexander Bottom & The Dreamweaver's Daughter by [Richie, Lee]

Beta Read, YA Epic Fantasy Adventure, November 2017. Buy it here.

Zagreb, Milan, Nice, Barcelona: The summer of heartache and fickleness (Chick Lit Adventure) by [Berger, Maya]

Beta Read, Chick-lit Adventure, January 2018. Buy it here.

Please Disappear: An unputdownable thriller with a dark twist. (The Arun Shah Mysteries Book 1) by [Shivakoti, M.K.]

Beta Read, Psychological Thriller, May 2018. Buy it here.

Beta Read, Memoir, June 2018. Buy it here.

Beta Read/Evaluation, Dieselpunk Pulp Magazine Novel, December 2019. Buy a sample here.

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Copy Editing and Quality Control, Magazine, 10 issues: July 2018-July 2019. Visit the website here:

Proofread (UK English), December 2017. Limited availability here.

Life According to Beatrice by [Marie, Anna]

Copy edit, 2017. Available here.